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Guanche Religion

Guanche religion was based on the cult of natural elements, among their gods were:

Magec (the Sun) Supreme God and Creator

Acahaman (the heavans) He was the Good God, the God of Luck and Benevolence

Guayota was a God in the shape of a woolly dog that identified himself with the demon, that lived inside of Echeide (hell), identified with the Teide Volcano.

Chaxiraxi (one that carries the world or Goddess-mother) a Guanche goddess that was transculturated as the Virgin of Candelaria.

Paredros: Gods (masculine divinities) inferior or domestic, mediator between humans and the Great Celestial Mother with supernatural powers, guardians of specific places.

The Guanche church was formed by:

  • Guadameñe , high priest of the Guanche Church. He will empower the Faykanes.
  • Faykan , spiritual and religious keeper, directs the cults, human and material resources, as well as the community’s social actions and depends hierarchically on the Guadameñe. He will empower the Kankus priests and the Maguadas priestesses.
  • Maguadas or Priestesses, they care especially for the cult to the Goddess-Mother and the Sacred Fire, in public ceremonies they carry the offerings dedicated to the Goddess, they carry out the baptism of the female children, they care for the ill, the prisoners, distressed and exiled people from the community. Each community or temple is ruled by a great Priestess that depends hierarchically on the Faykan.
  • Kankus , Priests that care for the cult to the Goddess-Mother in her representation as Magec the Sun, they carry out the baptism of the male children, the wedding ceremonies, watch over the places of cult to the Paredro or domestic Gods, the public ceremonies, the religious education of the community and the passing on of the peoples traditions both sacred and festive. They depend hierarchically on the Faykan.
  • Samarines , Priests that carry out the cult to the ancestors, they assist the dying. They depend hierarchically on the Kanku
  • Iboibos , Priests in charge of the dead, they care for the burial grounds and the honours to the spirits of the ancestors, as well as the ceremonies and rites dedicated to these. They depend hierarchically on the Kanku.

Their main festivities and ceremonial rites were towards the Mother-Goddess Chaxiraxi, the supreme spirit and creator. The lack of water motivated the different ceremonies and prayers. They also venerated the dead and their ancestors.



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