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Great Guanche menceys

Tinerfe was among the great Guanche menceys, he was the last great mencey of Tenerife and for whom the island is named, as well as the native people of Tenerife, whom are called tinerfeños.

The most powerful and brave Guanche mencey was the mencey Bencomo, from the valley of Arautapala in Taoro. It was he who carried out the battle of the slaughter of Acentejo (matanza de Acentejo).

The mencey Behenaro, known to the Spanish as the crazy king, who threw himself from the top of the cliffs of Anaga, shouting the name of his gods under the astonished gaze of the Spanish, in order to avoid surrendering after the Massacre of Aguere.

The archimencey Zebensui, who ruled El Cantón de la Punta, later called Punta del Hidalgo due to the arrival of the Castilian conquerors. This area encompassed the territory of the smallest and poorest menceyato on the island, the Castilians named the place as The Point of the poor Hidalgo Zebensui (La punta del Hidalgo pobre Zebensui) which later became simply La Punta del Hidalgo.

During the battles against the colonisers, many notable Sigoñes or captains participated, most belonged to the menceyato of Taoro, probably due to the memory of the battles of Acentejo and Agüere, their names were: Afur, Arafo, Badayco, Ancor, Bentor, Guimigema, Leocoldo, Sañugo, Tauco, Teguaico, Tigayga and Tinguaro in Taoro, Guañon in Guimar, Hayuelo in Tacoronte and Rayco in Anaga.


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