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The Guanches are the ancient inhabitants of the island of Tenerife before the Spanish conquest of the XV century. They were of Berber origin and they developed a culture on the island, that includes their own language, art and religion. They also created their own social structure divided into several strata in a pyramidal form.

In the course of the colonisation, a part of its culture became integrated with the Spanish culture and even today there are holidays celebrated in Tenerife that correspond to Guanche celebrations. The drago, a tree and symbol of Tenerife, was sacred to the Guanches, which used it to manufacture medicine.

Certain words of their language also remained, mostly used by the shepherds and in the names of places, including the word Tenerife, which was the name of a great Guanche king named Tinerfe.

They left many legacies that can still be seen today in different spots on the island. The Guanche sites include many elements, from caves and pyramids to clay pots and engravings on the rocks.

In our website you will find all the details of the Guanche people. From their history to their culture, from science to Guanche astronomy, as well as the places where today you can find the wonderful archaeological legacies that the Guanche people of Tenerife left behind.


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